Emmanuel Ekwu: Why You Must Walk The Talk in 2018


Dear reader,

After I read the book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, I understood more the meaning of the opening quote to this piece. Today, I decided to yield this space to a fine gentleman who I have met just once, but he has been a great friend thanks to our connect via platform on social media.

He is Emmanuel Ekwu  is a Self-Improvement Therapist, passionate about making lasting impact in lives of those he daily connect with. He is a man with dynamic approach to life issues, especially concerned in assisting youth become that which they are meant to be as they grow into adulthood.

I hope he makes this a weekly column here. As you begin to read him, let me leave you with my favourite quote from “ The Alchemist”.

"To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation. All things are one. When you want something; all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." Paulo Coelho



I suppose this will help, especially now many of us are submerged in the whole fuss of 2018 prophesies.

Hear me out!

Don't just decree a thing and go to sleep and expect angels to make it happen- that  will be putting God to unnecessary test.

If my study and growing experience is anything to go by, we don't make certain utterances and expect result, as that will be a well packaged frustration even in this 2018.

You see;

When scripture made mention of 'Decree a thing and it shall come to Pass' was actually implying 'Faith' in what we are yet to see, such that will propel corresponding actions after we have engaged the Power of Word which keep re-echoing to remind us the necessary action to be taken. Else it will amount to Faith without Work which is death in itself.

You may not be guilty of this, i.e. you don't do that intentionally like many of us. How about those ones many of us (including you maybe) must have done unconsciously?

How much of work have we done or are we willing to do about those conscious and unconscious decrees?

 (Check your MIND, as I do the same)

Nothing happens until we push! However else we may be leaving certain things to chance.

This does not make us almighty or suffix it to say that by strength shall man prevail. Even when grace is available, some of us act gracelessly.

We must wake up!

For me, one way my conscience will not kill me before my death over what I hope to get from God is when I have done my bit and leave the rest to God.

Conscience remains an open wound only the Truth can heal.

We must Walk our Talk, my point. Else we doubt the potency of the Word we profess.

Faith without work is dead/death. Show me your works, and I will understand your Faith, else you are speaking parables when mysteries have been made manifest already.

Reduce the mysteries to a Walking Plan for the Year. Apply 'SMART-Code' in all ramifications and make it your own.

This is a fine way of having an effective, active and realistic prayer points throughout the year, and now watch your attitude to prayer when you have a plan of ACTION.

It is your year by all means possible. Make it count!

#OneLove #ActiveYear #WalkTheTalk

Author, Self-Improvement Therapist, Relationship and Marriage Counsellor,  Conference Speaker, Life Coach, Business Owner, Husband and Father, Emmanuel is Founder at Sentinel Resources and Capital Investment Limited- a Real Estate, Business Consultant/Management, Resource Control and Capital Investment company. You can contact him via;

Email: emybonglobalimpact@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook/ekwu.emmanuel.7

[ Phone: +234] 08032359396- (WhatApp/Phone/Sms)

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